GCh Dormo's It is all about MeMe, AGDC, AADC,NAJ,NF, NP, AGI, AGIJ, MSDC, MJDC.

D.O.B.: 8th July, 2017

​AKC: WS58944501

​CKC: EN711230

Sire: Am Ch. Firecloud N Salish Kick Kin It Low Key

Dam : Am/Can GCh Dormo's Ice Princess Mocha, CGN, CA, CD, RE, SGDC, ADC, AGDC, AGNJs, AGIs, WSX.

Hips : Good     Elbows : Normal      Eyes: Clear

PRA/OSD : Normal      Cardiac: Normal
CHIC : 1


The Girls

Ch Dormo's Driven At Heart, SGDC, ADC. ( Morgan)

D.O.B.: 20th June, 2016

​AKC : WS55101901

CKC : DL 659349

Sire : GCh, Dormo's Three out of Three

Dam: Am.Ch. Dormo's Double Black Diamond, AGNs, AGNJs, SGDC.

OFA: PRA/OSD: Clear. Heart : Normal Hips: Good Elbow: Normal, Eyes: Normal CHIC 134661


Dormo  Samoyeds

Ch Dormo's She Knows It All. AGX, AGXJ, MADC, MGDC, ATChC, RN
D.O.B.: 20th May,2009
AKC: WS32277601
CKC: WJ301091
Sire: Ch Orkdomain's Wizard of the Wind
Dam: Ch EJ's Encore Performance CGN, CD, AGI, AGIJ, AADC, AGDC, WSX
OFA :Excellent     Elbow: normal. Cardiac:normal     CERF:SA-361221PRA/OSD:normal  CHIC 78341

She lives up to her name. Hermione, faithful friend of Harry Potter, smart, intelligent, courageous,loyal. She is the only girl of the litter, but the first to open her eyes, to walk, to find her way to escape the whelping box and the first to become a champion.

Ch Dormo's The Best or Nothing, SGDC, CGN, ADC, AGDC, AADC, AGNs, AGNJs. MJDC.

D.O.B. 23rd April, 2019

AKC: WS65777301

CKC: GG804785

Sire: Ch Dormo's Trouble Finds Me, RN

Dam: Ch Dormo;s Driven At Heart, SGDC, ADC.

Hips: SA-18571F27F-VPI   Elbow : Normal.       Eyes: Clear

PRA/OSD : Normal       FEH: Normal         Cardiac : Normal


  Ch Dormo's Letter Lit Up The Sky, RN. ( Scarlet)

  D.O.B.: 26th Feb, 2015

  AKC : WS50640801

  CKC: CC599005

  Sire: Am/Can Ch Firecloud's Devilish Hot Cuppa Joe

  Dam: Am Ch Dormo's Double Black Diamond, AGNs, AGNJs.

  OFA : PRA/OSD: Clear. Heart: Normal. Eyes: Good. Hips: Good.



  Am Ch. Dormo's Double Black Diamond. AGNS, AGNJS, SGDC, ADC, AGDC.

  D.O.B.: 31st,Aug,2011
  AKC: WS39563301
  CKC: YQ420990
  Sire: GCh Firecloud's It had to Bijou
  Dam: Ch EJ's Encore Performance.
  OFA :Good    Elbow: Normal.     Eye:SA-EYE631/34F-VPI    PRA/OSD: Normal


​​GCh Dormo's Annika Of Unimatrix Zero One, CA.

D.O.B. 18th April, 2020

AKC : WS 70647301

CKC: HG 3995746

Sire : Am Ch Firecloud's Emissary Of The Prophets

Dam: GCh Dormo's It Is All About MeMe, AGN, NP, AGNJ, NTD, AADC, AGDC

Hips -Good. Elbow - Normal